The focus of our work is based on young horses with great potential, but also in those with more experience and a higher level of training.

Gaucho Sport Horses is focused to the excellence in breeding, using proven stallions and mares, both in National and Inernational Sport Competitions and with outstanding offspring.

We sell our own production and the horses from other breeders in a direct way and through Online Auctions.

Gaucho Sport Horses is the result of the many years of experience running the agricultural and breeding family business La Tatabra with a modern view.


with breeding stock that have proven themselves in sport and those who have proven through their offspring.


through online auctions of young horses, selected by their capacity, their potential and genetic background


within the equestrian sector in Argentina, we connect the interested parties at different levels.


Gaucho Sport Horses was born as a breeding and sales business of sport horses. Founded by Andres Rosenberg as a product of his wide experience and years within La Tatabra, and in the Ag Industry in the country and abroad.

Andrés has been related to the agricutural sector in the family business and in other places since very young. During his college years, he worked in the USA, Canada and Spain. He worked developing farmland in the north of Argentina and other countris in the region.

He has been judging horses and cattle in different shows throughout the country and has been a member of the board of the Breeder Association in Argentina for a long time.


Gaucho Quito

(Quitender x Dimitil).
Quitender was succesful in GP and the dam was Young Horse Championship finalista. Maternal family of very succesful horses.

Tatabra Godiva

(Quitender x Voltaire).
2º in the Breeders Cup 2021 with Camila Draghi. The dam is a sister of Tatabra Bambi, dam of Gaucho Quito.

Tatabra Godiva

(Quitender x Voltaire).
5th place in the Young Horse Championship 2021. She ended up all 16 shows of the year faultless!